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Welcome to the Realms of Hyrule archives! Here you will find archived information about Realms of Hyrule, including old player profiles and news posts. If you are looking for the currently running Realms of Hyule Roleplaying forums, click on "Forums" in the left menu. Also, if you have anything you feel would make a good addition to our archives here, please contact Runathir at Thank you, and enjoy!

Useful Links:

Here are some links that may be useful for finding what you're looking for.
  • Realms of Hyrule 6.
    This is the current version of Realms of Hyrule. If you want to Roleplay, please go here.

  • Realms of Hyrule Website.
    This is the main website for Realms of Hyrule.

  • Realms of Hyrule 4.
    This is the only other version of Realms of Hyrule that is left. It is currently in Read-Only mode, but if you were already registered here, you can still log in. Unfortunately, the last third of RoH4 is missing, and the archive only runs from July 2008 to July 2009.

What is RoH?

Realms of Hyrule, or RoH, is a Zelda-based text-RPG. In a text RPG, instead of pressing buttons and watching the graphic designs on the screen, you "post," or type out and compose pieces of a story by "role-playing."

In the words of TSA, the best way to describe role-playing is putting yourself into someone else's shoes. You create your character, make a background story, interact with other members' characters and go on adventures together. Adventures may include combating evil foes, exploring new lands, or just hanging out at the tavern with your buds all navigated by your imagination. There are certain rules and limits to your imagination when interacting with others, but for the most part you are free to wield it how you wish. Role-playing and almost everything else on RoH happens on the forums.